You know what they say — we all have to do at least 2 things in life: die and pay taxes. Most of us dread April 15th and all the preparation that comes with it. But, since we still have some time before the hated “tax season” is upon us, let’s have some fun! Here are some little known—but very interesting–facts about taxes.


Who Knew


(1)    Want some cowboy boots? Buy them in Texas and they are sales tax free.

(2)    Live in Mexico and are a non-dependent over the age of 100? You are now exempt from state income taxes for the rest of your life. You’re welcome.

(3)    If you’re a candy maker in Chicago, make sure your candy has flour in it so it can be taxed as food at the 1% rate. Want to only use sugar? In addition to your cavities, pay 6.25 % in taxes since it’s no longer “food” and is considered “candy”.

(4)    You weren’t the only one who was confused with taxes! In 2007, nearly 1 million taxpayers contacted the IRS through some channel for help – phone, office visit, letter, etc.

(5)    We all know the tax code is complicated and ridiculously long. Take a guess at HOW long….try 70,000 pages and over 3,700,000 words long.

(6)    Who can we blame for coming up with this whole idea of income taxes? Pretty much all ancient countries and civilizations (even dating back to the Sumerians and ancient Egypt) had some form of taxation. The first U.S. income tax was introduced in 1861 in order to help to pay for the Civil War. Many reforms and revisions later, here we are today.

(7)    Are you going to carve that pumpkin or eat it? It matters if you live in Pennsylvania, Iowa, or New Jersey. Pumpkins that are used for food are sales tax free.

(8)    If you buy fruit from a California vending machine, expect to pay a 33% tax on it. How appealing is that apple now?

(9)    Live in Kansas and want to ride in a hot air balloon? If your balloon is untethered, it’s exempt from sales tax since the state views hot air balloons as a valid form of transportation. Too chicken to cut that tether? Fork over the sales tax since your hot air balloon experience is now considered a form of entertainment.

(10) Live in Pennsylvania and have a dirty car? You’ll pay an extra tax to use that convenient coin-operated vacuum at the gas station.



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