Think of us as your “Manager of Solutions.” As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are a fiduciary, accountable to you and have the freedom to always act in your best interest. Our team is connected and focused on strategy and the solutions needed to strive to reach your goals. We believe in having discipline to adhere to our strategy, yet remain proactive in response to ever-changing market conditions and opportunities with the goal of protecting and enhancing the client’s portfolio.

Working closely with you, your Wealth Builders advisor will create a plan intended to make the most of your assets. We are able to search the world of investments for the solutions that meet your unique criteria and goals, from equities and fixed income to alternative investments.

A part of our unique investment approach is having the discipline to implement a strategy and remain nimble to take advantage of potential opportunities as they present themselves. The main objective is to look beyond simple stock and bond allocations. Focusing on an alternative process gives us the potential ability to reduce risk while attempting to increase return and income, independent of the volatility in the stock market.

Wealth Builders’ proprietary investment strategy is designed to provide exposure to equities with less risk than the overall stock market. This is an alternative investment strategy that is comparable to a “Hedge Fund” strategy but comprised of individual stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF’s), and mutual funds that have daily liquidity, greater transparency of holdings and often lower costs.  The goal of this strategy is to reduce volatility and correlation amongst the investment holdings with a strong oversight on volatility, beta, and other statistical metrics.  Our portfolios are monitored on a daily basis for investment changes, volatility level and other metrics to better assist us in our allocations.


Are my assets covered by SIPC?
Our primary custodian provides insurance protection for client investments in accordance with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) up to $500,000. SIPC coverage does not protect clients against a decline in the market value of the securities.

Where are my assets held?
Wealth Builders Financial Group does not take custody of client assets. Instead, we have retained a dedicated, fully-independent custodian to safeguard your assets.

Does Wealth Builders charge fees or commissions?
As a Registered Investment Advisor, we charge a flat percentage of your Assets Under Management (AOM).  By not charging commissions, we are free to always trade within your account in your best interest without you incurring additional charges.  These fees include all phone calls and meetings so there is never a reason to hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or concerns. 

How do I transfer assets from my current firm to Wealth Builders Financial Group?
It’s simple. After you open an account with us, you will sign new account documents and a transfer of assets instruction.  Your assets will then be electronically transferred from your current firm to our asset custodian into your personal, secure account.

What does it mean to be “independent” wealth advisors?
As independent advisors, we are not bound by the products and services of one organization, but rather we have the flexibility of sourcing optimal solutions for our clients from the open marketplace. We do not have an investment banking division that creates investment products. As a result, we are not conflicted by the pressure to promote proprietary products to our clients.

Does Wealth Builders Financial Group have a minimum net worth for clients?
No, we do not have a set minimum to accept a client.

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