Here in Carroll County, schools have just a few days left left and the kids will be out for the summer (other schools are already out!). With summer comes vacation season. Whether you already have a vacation planned or are still mulling it over, here are some tips to save some cash on your next vacation.

Vacation in the Off SeasonCrowded Beach

Sure, summertime is when most people choose to take their vacations, but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to take your vacation during the summer. In fact, you can save some money by waiting for the busy “peak-season” to end. For example, beaches stay busy Memorial Day through Labor Day. By choosing to go before or after those dates, you can save a bundle AND avoid the crowds – a win win if you ask me!

AirportTime Your Flights to Save Money

As with “peak season” for vacations, airlines also have “peak travel days”. Normally, those days fall on weekends and just before/after major holidays. Many times, by choosing to fly mid-week or earlier/later, you can save some extra cash. Also, keep in mind you can save money by booking your trip further in advance or by waiting until the last minute to book. If you’re flexible with your flight schedule, you can save even more by opting for a longer layover or more stops on the way to/from your destination.

Skip the Hotel

Thanks to websites like AirBnB and Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO), many people are trading in traditional hotels for houses and condos with more space. Many times, if you shop it out and are patient, you can book an entire house or condo (complete with a kitchen, washer/dryer, etc.) for about the same price as a smaller hotel without all of the extra amenities. By staying in a house or condo with all the extras, you can actually save money on all of those hotel necessities– dining out (more on that later), valet services, laundry services, parking fees, etc. Plus, if you have a family, staying in a house will give you all a little more elbow room and you won’t have to pay to rent multiple hotel rooms!

Opt to Dine In Instead of Out

Dining out can be part of the fun of being on vacation. However, it can also come with a pretty hefty Restaurantprice tag, especially if you have many mouths to feed. Consider choosing a couple of restaurants to try while you’re on vacation and cooking at “home” the rest of the time. By staying in a house/condo/hotel equipped with some sort of kitchen (whether it be a full kitchen or a kitchenette), you can save a bundle by cooking meals at the room. If you are staying at a hotel, make sure to find out whether certain complimentary meals (many times breakfast and sometimes even dinner depending on the hotel!) are provided. If so, take advantage of it and plan to have at least some of your meals there! When you head out exploring during the day, pack a cooler with water, drinks, and other snacks to avoid stopping at convenience stores or paying the outrageous prices at theme parks.

Check Out Free or Low-Cost Events

The internet can be super helpful with this one. If you’re vacationing with lots of little ones, there are TONS of free things you can find to get into. Check out local parks, lakes, and beaches. Make sure to check the local community bulletin boards online to see what things will be going on while you’ll be on vacation.

Of course, there are countless other ways to save money on vacation, these merely just a few tips and suggestions.

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