A couple weeks ago, we talked about how to save money on summer vacations. But there are other ways you can keep your wallet happy during the summer other than during vacation time.

With the kids out of school for the summer, a lot of parents are looking for fun things to do. Those fun things don’t always have to come with a steep price tag. Here are a few ideas….

Off to the Beach!sand castle

Take an afternoon and cool off at the beach! There are lots of local beaches that cost A LOT less than a weekend away at the beach. Many parks and lakes have beaches where you and the kids can spend a day of fun in the sun. Pack a picnic lunch and some sun screen and you’re ready to go!

Go to the Movies

Head to a local theater to catch a flick. But instead of paying high ticket prices, check out specials offered at theaters nearby. Some theaters have certain days in which they offer discount ticket prices. If not, try heading to the theater in the afternoon during matinee prices instead of paying full price later in the day.

Pack Ahead

If you and the family are heading out for the day, pack a cooler with snacks and drinks. Think ahead and make it a family event. Let each child choose the snack they would like from the grocery store and grab a small variety of drinks (waters, sodas, juices, etc.). Then, when the kids get hungry, you won’t have to stop and pay “convenience” prices or stop for fast food. The kids will be satisfied and your wallet will thank you.

cookoutDining In VS Dining Out

Everyone likes to get together for social gatherings during the summer months – the days are longer and people like to make the most of it. Instead of meeting friends OUT for dinner, why not bring the party to someone’s house? Cooking at home can definitely save some cash, and each person can bring something or help chip in for the price of food. For a fraction of the price of dinner and drinks out, you can have a larger get together and not feel as rushed as you would in a restaurant.

There are countless other ways that you can save your hard-earned dollars, these are just a few ideas. By thinking and planning ahead, your wallet and bank account will thank you later!

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