Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s hard to believe that summer is here and June is already almost over! It feels like the summer just flies by while the cold months drag on for what seems like forever. It’s been awhile since we did a “did you know?” blog, so let’s have some fun and learn some interesting (and strange) tax facts!

Pay to PlayPlaying Cards

Want to play an old fashioned game of poker? If you live in Alabama, you’ll have to pay a $0.10 tax on that deck of playing cards you plan to purchase.

Bagel “Service” Tax

New York is famous for its bagels. If you order a bagel and ask for it to be sliced or toasted (or both), you’ll pay an extra “service” tax of $0.08. I’ll slice my own bagel, thank you very much!

Beard Tax

Yes, that’s right, I said BEARD as in facial hair. In 1698, the Russian czar, Peter the Great, levied a “beard tax” in hopes that men would adopt the clean-shaven look that was popular in Western Europe at that time.

“Tax Freedom Day”

Ok, it isn’t an officially recognized holiday, but it’s the day when people “stop” working to pay their taxes to Uncle Sam and “start” working to earn their own money. In 2017, that day was April 23.

Window Tax

In England in 1696, a “window tax” was levied. That’s right, folks, people were taxed on the number of windows their homes had. This caused people to eliminate existing windows and incorporate fewer windows into new homes that were built. This was before the days of well-thought-out ventilation systems, so no windows meant no air circulation. People began to get very ill from the lack of circulation of fresh air. The tax was finally repealed in 1851.

NewspaperKnowledge Tax

Ever wonder why newspapers use such huge pieces of paper? Wonder no more! Back in 1716 in Britain, the “Stamp Act” was enacted. The act imposed a tax on all printed paper. This tax morphed over the years, and eventually became a tax that was levied “per page” and was known to many as “The Knowledge Tax”. To get around paying higher taxes, newspaper companies began to use larger pages to fit more text and columns per page, and thus the modern day newspaper was born.


Thinking about moving somewhere warm? The Cayman Islands levies NO taxes on its citizens. Instead, it raises necessary funds through import/export taxes, tourist fees, transaction fees, etc.

Some of these taxes seem silly to think of now, but at one point or another, they were in full effect and citizens were paying them! We have certain taxes which we think to be “silly”, but thankfully, we aren’t paying taxes for windows in our homes!

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